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Congregation Tifereth Israel Of Lower Bucks County is more than a synagogue – it is a community. We are very proud of our congregation, our history and most importantly, our coming together in times of ritual, celebration, as well as need.

Lead by Rabbi Jeffery Schnitzer, we offer traditional, egalitarian prayer services, including Shabbat Services on Friday evening and Saturday morning, Sunday, Monday and Thursday mornings and Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

In addition to serving as a gathering place for Jewish worship, we offer a thriving Nursery School, a fun Religious School, and many classes, events and other opportunities for adults to gather to learn, celebrate and do mitzvot together.

2909 Bristol Road ♦ Bensalem, PA 19020 ♦ Ph: (215) 752-3468 ♦  F: (215) 757-8660


Miracles, redemption, Torah, and matzo ball soup!  Passover is freedom.  Passover is a homecoming.  Passover is salvation.  Passover is receiving and rejoicing in G-d’s laws.  Passover is a story that has had deep meaning for people all over the world for millennia.  Enjoy your Seder.  Enjoy your matzah.  This year we are in Bensalem, but next year may we be in Jerusalem.  Dayenu. Shalom!

(No services on Friday night, April 3!)

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Purim Events for the Kids

PurimHamentaschenErev Purim Masquerade Party, Wednesday, March 4th from 4:30 to 6:30 pm – Costumes, Music, Megillah, Dinner, and the kids will make Mishloach Manot

Purim Carnival, Sunday, March 8th from 11:00 am to 2:00 PM – Plenty of Games, Prizes, Costumes, Food, and we’ll nosh some wicked Hamentaschen.

Purim celebrates another story of Jewish survival (in Shushan, Shushan long ago). We rejoice at reading about brave Queen Esther who put herself in danger by appearing unbidden before her King and declaring her Judaism. We cheer Mordechai, who discovered the evil plot to get rid of the Jews in Shushan (Susa, Persion). And we jeer and shake our noisemakers (gragers) whenever the name of Haman (the dandy fellow who thought up that evil plot) is spoken.

The mitzvot for the holiday are reading from and hearing the Megillah (the Scroll of Esther), giving gifts of food or drink (mishloach manot), eating at a Purim seder, giving Tzedakah, and indulging in a bit of imbibery… Don’t forget, of course, the celebrations include carnivals, plays, costumes, and eating Hamentaschen! (“Haman’s Pockets” – triangular cookies filled with jelly, fruit, or whatever yummy stuff you can think of.)

Ben-Gurion University Professor Fred A. Lazin

TI Rocks

ti rocks 2012 03Do you like music? Join us for the best rock concert around, featuring our very own talent–Hal Cohen, Howard Cohen, John Puccio, Lewis Rosenberg, Rick Schlaifer, Rabbi Jeff Schnitzer, Rebecca Schnitzer, and Carl Steinberg! Featuring the best songs of the 70′s, 80′s, 90′s, and all of the 2000′s!  Serving Beer & Wine, soft drinks, munchies, desserts & more.

Please RSVP to the office.