The strength of our women is evident throughout the Torah, and is no different at TI. The Sisterhood of Congregation Tifereth Israel is involved in actively promoting the social and educational experience of our members, to perpetuate Conservative Judaism in the home, synagogue and community. Through volunteer programs and projects we offer an opportunity for personal growth, leadership development and community service.

The Sisterhood of Congregation Tifereth Israel is a member of Women’s League for Conservative Judaism, the largest synagogue based organization in the world. Sisterhood promotes friendship and programming that is educational, religious, cultural, civic minded and fun. Sisterhood is dedicated to enriching the lives of its members through Learning, Linking, Sharing and Living.

Why Should You Support Sisterhood?
We Serve You
Paid-Up Membership Dinner
Educational and Fun pPrograms
Special Interest Groups
Women’s League Shabbat
CJ Magazine
Adult Bat Mitzvah Curriculum
Women’s League Institute
Leadership Institute
Training Services
Personal Growth
Study Materials
Oprah’s Book Reviews
Region Conference and Events
Women’s League Biennial Convention
The Women’s League Net – The Women’s League Website

We Serve Your Synagogue
Support the welfare of the synagogue
Financial Contributions
Shabbat Dinners
Support USY/Kadima
Support Men’s Club and PTO

We Serve Your Family
Scholarships for USY
Judaica Shop
Bikkur Holim

We Serve Your Jewish Community
Community Service Projects
Food Bank and Shelters
Social Action Activites
Blood Drive

The Sisterhood of Tifereth Israel is eager to serve our members, our congregation and the needs of the Jewish community. We welcome your membership, commitment and participation. Learn, Live, Share and Link with Sisterhood. Won’t you join us? Send in your dues today.

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