Staff and Safety

Our director and teaching staff are carefully chosen.

Every classroom has competent, caring and qualified teachers. Our nearly 20 teachers build warm relationships with families that foster learning and enable an easier adjustment to the school environment. We employ a wide variety of teaching techniques and methods from “Back to Basics” to the newest in modern teaching ideas and strategies. Our teachers are continually learning through in-service training given by various educational and Judaic organizations. Our staff has been given training by the Bensalem Police & Fire Department regarding the safety of our students, our building and ourselves. We also have yearly CPR and first aid training.

During late care hours, along with our adult supervisors, we also employ high school and college students to “stay and play” with our extended care children.

Policies and procedures are in place at the Judy Sare Nursery School for security, safety and well-being of each child entrusted to our care. We believe that your child’s learning experience is maximized when he/she feels safe and secure.

At the Judy Sare Nursery School we have installed a state-of-the-art security system. This consists of a front door keypad, several television monitors, and audio connections through our phone system. The doors are kept locked or physically manned during school hours. The keypad code is available to staff members and synagogue personnel and is changed periodically. All others wishing access to the building must ring the doorbell. You will then be viewed by our office, school and/or maintenance staff via the television monitors and either be buzzed in or asked for identification. Throughout the building, we have also installed peepholes in every classroom door so that we can see out. All classrooms have numbers on the windows and doors, inside and out, for easy identification by police, if needed.

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Pesach University 2017

Sale of Chometz 5777 (Return by Sunday, April 9 at 1 pm)

Service Times:

7:00 am Monday, April 10: Shacharit Minyan & Siyyum (Fast of the First Born)

9:00 am Tuesday, April 11: Pesach First Day Services

9:00 am Wednesday, April 12: Pesach Second Day Services

8:00 pm Wednesday, April 12: Mincha/Ma’ariv



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