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In honor of their wedding, Mira Winogron  and Eric Berzofsky have created the Sofer Project to have a Sofer S”TAM, a specially trained scribe qualified to write kosher sifrei torah, as well as the scrolls in tefillin and mezzuzot, come to our synagogue to repair the sifrei torah.  This is important to us since Eric reads from the torah twice each week. This project will involve the children of the Hebrew School in learning about what a Sofer does and the care and respect that is given to the writing and repair of each torah scroll.  We chose to create this project because we both are passionate about Torah, teaching and passing our traditions l’dor v’dor, from one generation to the next.  We hope that you will consider giving generously to help make this project a reality.

Eric is offering a Torah Reading class with a suggested donation to help fund this project.  Additional adult education classes by both Mira and Eric will be added throughout the year.

Please contact the synagogue office at 215.752.3468 if you are interested in learning with us or to make a donation.

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